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Curated by Johnny Romeo

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October 24 - November 28, 2020

Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop painter Johnny Romeo returns to Pennsylvania with his latest brainchild, the exciting new group exhibition Unplugged. This impressive showcase sees Australia’s King of Pop work together with celebrated Philadelphia-based James Oliver Gallery for the first time to masterfully curate a selection of works from twelve of Romeo’s close artistic friends from across America and internationally, alongside his own paintings. Bringing together an eclectic cast of brilliant artistic minds, Unplugged is a colourful celebration of the creative spirit that highlights the importance of connection and community.

Unplugged marks the exciting first collaboration between James Oliver Gallery and Johnny Romeo, who recently joined the Philadelphia-based gallery. This inspiring group exhibition draws its title from the iconic
1990’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ series, popularized by musical legends such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Eric Clapton. Much like the beloved music program, Romeo has skillfully curated an array of creative talent that showcases varied approaches to the visual arts, ranging from the electrifying abstractions of Kurt Hermann and Debra Lynn Manville, to the colour-drenched explorations of form and Pop culture seen in the works of Go Suga and Ramona Nordal. Each of the artists has been invited to participate in a stripped down, ‘unplugged’ exhibition, where Romeo has selected two works that best reflect each artist’s distinctive flair and style. At its core, the notion of being ‘Unplugged’ aims to capture both the feeling of creative freedom and the importance of human connection beyond the hum-drum banality of everyday life. Inspired by the 1999 sci-fi classic film ‘The Matrix’, Unplugged aims to re-envision a world without the Coronavirus, where we can all ‘unplug’ from the machine-like restrictions of quarantine life and come together as creatives bonded by a sense of community.



Study #61

Acrylic and ink on canvas

15.5" x 11.25"

Study #60

Acrylic and ink on canvas

18" x 14"

studio work

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