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Acrylic on canvas

60" x 48"

the viola collection

In this new collection Nordal entices us with her unique mix of acrylic painting and bold use of this collections signature color drenched mulberry paper. The collection name Viola is a direct link to the word Violet and each piece has been titled based on specific flower. Upon close view you will uncover a tremendous spectrum of colors such as lilac, Mauve, Magenta, Eggplant, Plum and Indgo to name a few.

candytuft wall.jpg


Acrylic and mulberry paper on canvas

40" x 40"

new in the studio

If you were get a glimpse into her Toronto studio you would see a multitude of canvases spread across her large studio. Working on several pieces at a time she can be seen moving from one piece to the next almost as if there was some untold logic in the progression of each piece. Music is a huge part of her process and often listens to a song repetitively for hours. In some way she enters into a trance like state and lets her mind guide her through the process. Once a piece is complete it is packaged and then shipped either direct to clients or to one of the 6 galleries that she is represented by. 

toronto artist ramona nordal.jpg

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